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_o_m_g - giclée print on 300gsm acid free paper, 57cm x 79cm, limited edition of 12

_o_m_g - giclée print on 300gsm acid free paper, 57cm x 79cm, limited edition of 12

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Limited edition of 12 prints, each one signed and numbered on the front and titled, signed and numbered ‘in verso’ in pigment ink.

This is 3 of 3 of ‘the_'lidlčki’_triptych’.

The ‘lidlčki’ triptych is not easy for me to talk about.

Again inspired by Renaissance images. Where is the meaning in the imagery that surrounds us? What would ‘religious figures’ wear today? I am interested in the idea of the images, colours, brands, products that we are bombarded with everyday. Again this is not a criticism, it’s a reality that I am not judging as good or bad. I am just aware it is there. I question my identity. What is our identity and how do we ‘identify’ with it? I have always turned things in to black and white and now my world seems to be exploding with colour. What are the symbols that matter to us and how do we interpret these symbols? Symbols and symbolism surround us and seek to define us and we seek to define them. I am interested in not allowing ‘things’ to define us. I am a foreigner living in a foreign country that I see as my home even if doesn’t always see me as being at home. We should be allowed to choose our own identity.  

There are (apparently) 114,003  marks in this drawing and over 210,000 marks in total in ‘the_lidlčki_triptych’.

Printed in Slovenia with pigment colours that are very durable and harmless to health.

Printed on Studio Expression Smooth Fine Art 300gsm 100% cotton paper producing the highest archival levels with a smooth white surface.

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